Hearts for Horns Collection

AWEAR Jewelry and Designs is dedicated to finding a way to deliver "AWEARness" through its jewelry. Our pieces are conversation starters, and if people are talking, they are spreading awareness about the causes we care about. Our Hearts for Horns Collection is aimed at spreading awareness about the tragic and horrific rhino poaching in South Africa. 10% of purchases of these pieces are donated to Care for Wild to support rhino conservation efforts.

Our Mission

AWEAR designs are crafted by skilled artisans who work their magic to bring each piece to life. AWEAR pieces are inspired by the natural world and are designed with the intension of sparking conversations that lead to collective action. We hope that by owning a piece of AWEAR jewelry, you will feel beautiful, strong, optimistic, and motivated to fight for a cause that fosters positive change. 

By choosing AWEAR, you choose to turn away from fast fashion and embrace quality pieces of jewelry that show your passion for social purposes. At AWEAR Jewelry and Designs, each collection is designed to support a specific cause. 


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Our Core Values


We are committed to always doing the right thing. We are guided by a strong moral and ethical compass.


We are committed to supporting those who dedicate their efforts to the causes that we hope to bring awareness.


We understand that relationships are created by listening, understanding different perspectives, and caring about others.


We always communicate internally and externally with absolute candor, honesty, and respect.

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